You can export to PowerPoint in two ways: Using a Master Template recommended for simple Online Exports Define one generic master...[Read More]

SAP Design Studio offers a lot of flexibility to create analysis applications. At the same time, scenarios to export such an application can be plenty and very complex.This is why our Export documentation is quite extensive. This series of Best Pract...[Read More]

SAP Design Studio gives you lots of possibilities to customize the design of your dashboard using CSS styles and custom components.As a consequence, the generation of Export documents is quite sophisticated. This is why SAP's standard export deos not...[Read More]

I have recently had a chat with one of our customers who used characters of the "Wingdings" in their Design Studio application. When they wanted to export this application, the characters did not show up in the generated document. Here is the reason ...[Read More]

Some of you might use panels with white background to overlay the standard blue background of Design Studio applications. When exporting single components with biExport, these may be displayed with blue background color though. To prevent this, add t...[Read More]