Most customers contact us to simply export the current view of a Design Studio / Lumira Designer application to PDF, PowerPoint, Word or Excel. They love the quality of the export documents and the flexibility to customize the documents, which is off...[Read More]

 A lot of big enterprises use SAP’s Crystal Reports when it comes to generate and send PDF documents. There are two reasons for this: There is no decent PDF export built in the standard reporting tools. Crystal Reports offers several features to gen...[Read More]

In this Blog Post, we will discuss the recommended server settings – configuration parameters and Connection Templates, which are used for the Booklet generation. We will also describe the tasks that have to be performed if you update the export solu...[Read More]

You can export to PDF in three ways: Keeping the online layout in WYSIWYG export recommended for One Pagers without huge tables The layout is kept Components can be excluded via the Visible Components property Headers and foo...[Read More]

You can export to Excel in two ways: ...[Read More]

You can export to Word in two ways: Using a Master Template recommended for simple Online Exports Define one generic master template with company logo, corporate desig...[Read More]