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High-quality, fully configurable PDF Export

The native export options of SAP Design Studio often do not meet the individual business requirements. Do you want to generate high-quality PDF documents that are customized to your reports and aligned with your corporate design? Then biExport is the right solution for you.

With biExport for SAP Design Studio you can choose between two export scenarios for PDF. You can even create complex PDF publications using the Briefing Books publishing feature.

Snapshot / One Pager export

This scenario is very similar to the standard PDF export offered by SAP. In addtion, it offers interesting customization options that allow you to meet 100% of the business requirements:

  • WYSIWYG export of the dashboard
  • Define page size, format and borders
  • Hide unwanted elements before exporting them
  • Reorder widgets using an Export Template
  • Freely define headers and footers using HTML, CSS, and placeholders for page numbers, filters, or specific dashboard elements
  • Export the entire contents of a table with repeating headers on each page and retain all styling from the dashboard
  • By default the table is automatically sized to fit the PDF page width
  • Choose optional page splitting by number of columns / rows or change of dimension value

High quality document export

Imagine your users could get a full-fledged document when exporting to PDF, not just a simple "one pager". A document with a custom title page, table of contents, precisely arranged headers, footers and text - just perfect for external communications, vendor master sheets, or informational brochures that you can use in meetings with your most valuable customers.

Sounds like a lot of work? With biExport, it's as easy as creating a new Word or Pages document:

  • Use your corporate design master as a starter in Microsoft Word or Apple Pages
  • Design the title page, table of contents, headers, footers, chapter structure, and static text according to your requirements
  • Add placeholders for the dynamic content from your dashboards
  • Save the document in DOC, DOCX, DOT, or DOTM format
  • Upload the document via the biExport Template Manager
  • Reference the document in the PDF export

biExport replaces the placeholders in the document with widgets and information from your dashboard and returns the document in PDF format.