Export from Design Studio & Lumira Designer - Split Tables by Value Change

In my last blog post http://www.designstudio-export.com/blog/export-split-tables-nicely-from-design-studio-lumira-designer-137 I demonstrated the table split feature, which biExport provides for SAP Design Studio and Lumira Designer.

Today, I want to show you another configuration scenario for the split: The split by value change on one or more dimensions.

Imagine the following table in your Design Studio application:


SAP offers a feature in Chrystal reports which splits data across tables so each page shows one group of values of a dimension. So in the example, we could split Belgium, Denmark, Germany, etc. on separate PDF pages.

What if you could do the same directly from Design Studio and Lumira Designer? And not only for PDF documents, but for PowerPoint slides and Word documents in the same way?

Well, it’s so easy with biExport!

Simply create an Export Template, in my example it is a presentation for PowerPoint export:


In the Export Template, create a placeholder %CROSSTAB_1%:TEXT[0D_COUNTRY]. This forces biExport to create a native table which is split by individual countries contained in the 0D_COUNTRY dimension of the CROSSTAB:


You can even include several dimensions to support different splits depending on the drill down, or even multi-splits at the same time!

Now, isn’t that cool? Try it out yourself today and register for an evaluation version!

Thilo Knötzele
Author: Thilo Knötzele
Creation date: 17.01.2018
Category: Table Export
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