Data export made easy

Many companies are daily confronted by the question, “Why can’t I export my data from the SAP system with one simple click?”

We have the right answer biExport for SAP Design Studio. Export with one click…

We enable high quality exports from SAP Design Studio to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF formats. As such, an uncomplicated WYSIWYG export is just as feasible as a custom-configured export using templates. No matter which method you choose, you receive high quality exports in any export format. Whether for management reports in PowerPoint format, compiling reports in Word, spread sheets in Excel or for archiving using PDF – biExport for SAP Design Studio provides the solution for your exporting scenario.

PDF export

With PDF export freely configurable headers and footers, CSS styling and the presentation of metadata are only some of its many features. All the components are exported as vectors, which guarantees the maximum resolution and quality of your exports.

Your benefits with PDF export

Excel export

You can choose yourself which items to export to Excel. Using predefined Excel templates the components are displayed directly in the right position. All the table styles from SAP Design Studio are adopted directly, including freeze rows or columns.

Your benefits with Excel export

Word export

Finished management reports with one click. With our export to Word feature it is possible to generate complete reports in your corporate design from your SAP Design Studio dashboard in a matter of seconds, including headers and footers and a directory of contents.

Your benefits with Word export

PowerPoint export

A finished presentation at the touch of a button. The export-to-Word feature allows you to generate complete presentations from SAP BO Design Studio data in your corporate design within seconds.

Your benefits with PowerPoint export

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