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Individual Briefing Books, Booklets & Analysis Documentations easily created from SAP Design Studio

Most customers contact us to simply export the current view of a Design Studio / Lumira Designer application to PDF, PowerPoint, Word or Excel. They love the quality of the export documents and the flexibility to customize the documents, which is off... [read more]

Alternative to create PDFs with SAP Crystal Reports: Highly customizable export from SAP Design Studio

 A lot of big enterprises use SAP’s Crystal Reports when it comes to generate and send PDF documents. There are two reasons for this: There is no decent PDF export built in the standard reporting tools. Crystal Reports offers several features to gen... [read more]

Best Practices (6/6): Administration of the Export Service

In this Blog Post, we will discuss the recommended server settings – configuration parameters and Connection Templates, which are used for the Booklet generation. We will also describe the tasks that have to be performed if you update the export solu... [read more]

Best Practices (5/6): Export to PDF

You can export to PDF in three ways: Keeping the online layout in WYSIWYG export recommended for One Pagers without huge tables The layout is kept Components can be excluded via the Visible Components property Headers and foo... [read more]

Best Practices (4/6): Export to Excel

You can export to Excel in two ways: ... [read more]

Best Practices (3/6): Export to Word

You can export to Word in two ways: Using a Master Template recommended for simple Online Exports Define one generic master template with company logo, corporate desig... [read more]

Best Practices (2/6): Export to PowerPoint

You can export to PowerPoint in two ways: Using a Master Template recommended for simple Online Exports Define one generic master... [read more]

Best Practices (1/6): General Application Design

SAP Design Studio offers a lot of flexibility to create analysis applications. At the same time, scenarios to export such an application can be plenty and very complex.This is why our Export documentation is quite extensive. This series of Best Pract... [read more]

What to do if content are missing in the export document

SAP Design Studio gives you lots of possibilities to customize the design of your dashboard using CSS styles and custom components.As a consequence, the generation of Export documents is quite sophisticated. This is why SAP's standard export deos not... [read more]

How to export Wingdings characters with biExport

I have recently had a chat with one of our customers who used characters of the "Wingdings" in their Design Studio application. When they wanted to export this application, the characters did not show up in the generated document. Here is the reason ... [read more]