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How to choose the output channel for your Design Studio & Lumira Designer Export!

Just recently I have demonstrated the enhanced Broadcasting, Scheduling & Information Bursting capabilities of biExport: [read more]

Export from Design Studio & Lumira Designer - Split Tables by Value Change

In my last blog post I demonstrated the table split feature, which biExport provides for SAP Design Studio and Lumira Designer. Today, I want to... [read more]

Export & Split Tables nicely from Design Studio & Lumira Designer

Did you know? With biExport you can not only export tables with all their styles to PDF, PowerPoint, Word and Excel. You can also choose whether the table shall be shown as an image or as a native, editable table. Even more, you have several possibil... [read more]

Broadcasting, Information Bursting & Scheduling with SAP Design Studio / Lumira Designer!

With release 2.1 of Lumira Designer, which has just been released in December 2017, SAP has finally enabled broadcasting and scheduling for Lumira Designer and Lumira Discovery. The feature supports: Brodacasting / scheduling of Online / Offline sto... [read more]

How to choose which tabs to export from Lumira Designer / Design Studio

In my last blog post “How to export all tabs of your SAP Lumira Designer or SAP Design Studio Dashboard ( I demonstrated how you can expor... [read more]

How to export all tabs of your Lumira Designer / Design Studio dashboard

One of the unique features of biExport is the possibility to export different views of a dashboard with one click. These might be: All tabs / selected tabs of a tabstrip All pages / selected pages of pagebook Visible and hidden components Different... [read more]

Design Studio 1.x to Lumira Designer 2.x Migration

With the end of 2017, our first biExport customers migrated from SAP Design Studio to SAP Lumira Designer. Opportunity enough and about time to write a short article about the steps needed to migrate Design Studio 1.x applications that include our ex... [read more]

Exporting with Lumira Designer 2.0

Lumira 2.0 has already been released by SAP since summer 2017. It consists of SAP Lumira Designer (formerly known as Design Studio) and SAP Lumira Discovery (formerly known as Lumira). Now that already several of our customers productively switched t... [read more]

biExport release 2.3

We are happy to announce availability of biExport version 2.3.0! This blog post shall give you an overview of the new functions. Also, it informs you about  Let’s start with what you gain from the new version. Of course, there’s a lot more – for deta... [read more]

Complex Briefing Books, Booklets & Management Presentations easily created from SAP Design Studio

Most customers contact us to simply export the current status of a Design Studio application to PDF, PowerPoint, Word or Excel. They love the quality of the export documents and the flexibility to customize the documents, which is offered by biExport... [read more]